Jaffa Truffle Cacao & Sweet Orange Deeply Hydrating Lotion Bar/Anti-Aging Lotion Bar

  • A waterless lotion, dense in antioxidants & fatty acids for repairing stressed, dry or cracked skin, whilst forming a protective layer of hydration from damaging elements. Infused with Raw Cacao & Sweet Orange, full of effective vitamin C which is excellent for collagen production, skin plumpness, decreasing wrinkles, brightening the skin & reducing dark spots & skin discolouration.
  • Benefits
  • Rub lotion bar between your hands OR massage it directly on dry skin areas, your body heat will soften the bar, releasing oils & butter, allowing you to rub it in easily. Massage the lotion into your skin until absorbed.
  • Raw Cocoa Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Customer Reviews

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Smells like a Jaffa Cake and So Luxurious

'@sup3rnal1ty for this lovely post! ❤️ ... Lotions are my weakness. I cannot explain it but resistance is futile. I just keep on buying them. There is always at least one tub/bottle/tube in every room in the house. Including the bathroom. And there are 3 in my bag. And at least 5 at the office.
This one's my current favourite from @potionsmy . It smells like a jaffa cake and so luxurious. And it's a bar so less mess. It's so good I wanna eat it. And bonus points, it's eco-friendly, no plastic packaging and packed in a reusable tin.

smells heavenly!

Today I placed the second order for this wonderful balm, not only because of the heavenly smell, which is like the best natural perfume for my body. Java truffle moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily or sticky layer on it. My skin is much more soft and firmer :-) This lotion bar I found as a better solution than a usual liquid balm - to apply it, you need to do a short gentle massage, which is an additional relaxation for your body. I would highly recommend!