Lime Sublime Detox No Poo Shampoo



    This 100% Plant-Based No Poo Shampoo (No Foam) will leave your locks soft, gleaming and bouncy. A Detox shampoo & conditioner for hair & scalp damaged by endless styling, dying, bleaching & chemical treatments. Removes chemical residue and mineral deposits to restore the natural pH balance of hair & scalp.

    Treat your damaged locks to Lime Sublime to restore your hair's health! Plus the scent of limes will leave you feeling perky too!
  • 1. Cleans & Conditions  
    2. Detox Scalp & Hair  
    3. Removes Chemical Residue & Mineral Deposits 
    4. Fortifies Scalp & Roots To Prevent Hair Loss 
    5. Anti-Dandruff
    6. Prevents Itchy Scalp
    7. Encourages Healthy Hair Growth
    8. Do Not Need To Use a Separate Conditioner
    9. Balances PH of Hair & Scalp
    10. All Natural, No Preservatives
  • 1) No-Poo Shampoo & Conditioner


- Shake bottle well. 
- Wet hair. 
- Gently massage shampoo into hair, roots and scalp for a minute or two. Use enough for a good product coverage. 
- Allow it to soak for 5-15 minutes while you shower. 
- Rinse thoroughly and then you are good to go. 
- No need for a separate conditioner. 
- Use as often as you wish.



- Some users, not all, may feel their hair becoming oilier than usual during the first few weeks of usage. This is normal and is known as the "Transition Period". Keep Calm and Keep using Lime Sublime. This DETOX EFFECT will happen to those who have been using shampoos with chemicals such as sulphates and have undergone aggressive chemical treatments. 


- You may use a dry shampoo during the Transition Period to provide relief by absorbing excess oil from your scalp. Check out our Tips on making the transition period easier.


- Stubborn residues from undesirable chemicals need time to be cleansed completely from the hair strands and scalp by Lime Sublime. Be patient and allow the cleansing effects of Lime Sublime to work its magic.

    (2) Hair Mask/Treatment

    Lime Sublime works as a hair mask/treatment as well. Use a generous amount to massage into hair and scalp. Leave for 15-30 minutes. Rinse and dry.

    (3) Conditioner
    Lime Sublime can be used as a substitute conditioner to your commercial, chemical laden conditioner. Massage onto hair and scalp and leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse off.

  • Click here for Instructions
  • Kaffir Lime, Purified Water

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Great one

Doesn't dry up with daily wash

Blair River
It's moisturizing and feels good

I have been using it for 2 weeks and I can tell some differences. My hair looks slightly more volumized. It doesn't foam up. I use it as a hair and scalp conditioner thrice a week and wash it off after 5 minutes. It would last me a few months.

Carmen Indira
Daily detox

Thanks to No Poo Shampoo, I am not worried about my hair drying out with daily hair washes after a swim...


Lime Sublime Detox No Poo Shampoo

Another great product from Potions!

I was skeptical about this shampoo at first because it doesn't contain much ingredients. However, after using it, my hair was a lot softer than it was before, in a moisturizing and nourishing kinda way. You can tell that the nutrients are fully absorbed into the inner most layer of the hair, so it hydrates from within. But because I have long curly almost coily hair, I require a lot of it every time I shampoo, as it does not lather. Maybe it is somewhat subconscious as well as this citrusy goodness smells amazing. Would still recommend to new users for its nourishing effects.