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  • How often do we show our feet love and attention? They are the hardest working, yet one of the least appreciated parts of our bodies! Our feet carry us through this life. They bear our weight and they connect us to our foundation on earth.

    The average personal walks 70,000 steps a week (or more)! It's time to give your tootsies some TLC at home.

    In many eastern traditions, the feet are considered to be both sacred and profane. Guests are offered water to cleanse their feet upon entering the home of their host. Many rituals and prayers around the world commence with the cleansing of the feet. In this spirit, we begin our ritual of cleansing the feet.

    This Foot Care Ritual contains all the products that will nourish and revitalize the skin of your feet and restore the pep in your step.

  • (1) TerraCotta Foot Scrubber to 

    • clean
    • exfoliate and
    • smooth dry, rough skin. 

    (2) Pretty In Pink Soak/Scrub to

    • soften skin
    • stimulate circulation.
    • ease muscle cramps.
    • help relieve stiffness in joints.
    • soothe achy, overworked legs and feet.

    (3) Body Oil

    • to massage 
    • reduce anxiety and stress as it can calm the nerve
    • helps one sleep better
    • improves blood circulation and releases muscle tension, eventually making you feel energetic in the morning.
    • Well-oiled feet are also more protected from cracking and peeling, reducing chances for fungal and bacterial infections

    (4) Lotion Bar

    • moisturise and soothe your cracked feet
    • softening the skin on your feet


    (5) FREE Pair of Socks (colour & design of socks are picked at random and may not match the image)

    • Retain moisture 
    • Helps the lotion work on your dry and cracked feet overnight and help you get soft, hydrated feet in the morning


  • For anyone who cares about their feet!Use it for all kinds of foot issues such as tired feet, dead skin, cracked heels, calluses or exfoliation.

  • Benefits

    • Remove dead skin cells
    • Boost circulation
    • Enhance the condition of the skin
    • Ease aches and pains
    • Condition and hydrate the skin
    • Optimise health and wellbeing through aromatherapy and reflexology
    • Promote feelings of deep relaxation
    • Calm the mind, body, and spirit.

      • SOAK // We begin by cleansing the feet in a foot bath. Soak 2 tablespoons of Pretty In Pink in warm water. Soak for 10-15 minutes to soften the feet. Imagine all worries melting away in the warm water. Visualize all impurities of the day dissolving away
      • EXFOLIATE + BUFF // After soaking, apply a dab of the Pretty In Pink body scrub to the palms of the hands and then rub on wet legs, ankles, tops of the feet and soles of the feet vigorously using long strokes on the lengths of the legs and circular motions at the ankle joint.
      • Gently scrub with the TerraCotta Foot Scrubber  to gently slough off particularly rough patches or smooth away calluses on the soles of the feet. Use the rough surface to scrub off dead skin on sole of your feet till you are comfortable with the results. Flip over to the surface with ridges to buff your feet for a smooth finish. Rinse off, pat dry and moisturise with our body oils and/or lotion bars. 
    • Make each gesture symbolic, intentionally ridding yourself of any impure thoughts and lingering, burdensome aspects of the past. 



    The feet are our foundation upon which we rest in our embodied, manifest form. Release tension accumulated from extended periods of standing or moving in narrow shoes on unforgiving surfaces.


    • MASSAGE // Use our Abhyanga body oil to massage the feet using firm pressure point stimulation. Start at the back of the heel, around the ankle, continuing onto the sole of the foot pressing the knuckles firmly into the bottom of the foot. Move from the back of the heel toward the toes and then back again. On the top of the foot, massage between the connective tissue using the fingertips, work from the toes down toward the ankles. Breathe deeply into any achy areas. Massaging the feet with an oil will protect against cracking, peeling and aging. 
    • MOISTURIZE // Make this ritual a little more luxurious by anointing the feet with our protective Lotion Bar.
    • Work the lotion bar into the skin moving in soft circles over the heel and using long strokes on the length of the feet. Use soft circular motions over the top of the toes. Focus on cultivating pure abundant beauty and grace. Feel free to continue massaging up the calves and shins. Finish with an application of the Abhyanga body oil as a nourishing cuticle oil. 
    • Slip on a pair of socks if using before bed to help hold moisture in.



    • SELF-ADORNMENT // Now that your feet are looking fresh and revived, it is time to ornament them. You may choose to apply a varnish of color, or a protective clear coat. Nail art is always an option! Toe rings, anklets, and other jewelry are a few great ways to honor and appreciate your feet through ornamentation.

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