5 Reasons Why Veda Glow Powder Cleanser Is A Must in Your Beauty Routine!

The One Thing Your Skincare Is Missing! Powder Cleanser

Ever walk into Sephora or a Pharmacy looking for a cleanser and the shop assistant asks you "which type"? To which you either look at them puzzled or feel overwhelmed with the endless choices available, from gel, cream, milk, micellar water to foam cleansers. How does one even begin to pick?

I am about to set you down a different path.... A Powder Cleanser! It's going to be a game-changer in the way you cleanse your skin.  When I first formulated and used the blend of Ayurvedic botanical powders as a cleanser, my mind was blown! 

I swear my skin had never looked better! It felt so soft, smooth, clean and my skin was glowing! 

And miracle of miracles all my acne disappeared! Except for the occasional hormonal acne, my skin has been clear of acne, something which plagued me throughout my teenage years. I dare say that no other cleanser has ever had the same effects. Now as I have turned 40, Veda Glow keeps my skin looking young and supple, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. I still get mistaken for being in my 20s so I guess it must be doing something right!

I don't even remember how I cleansed before using a powder cleanser, and have never felt the need to look for anything else!

But Powder Cleansers are not a new startling discovery, although it's just making a name for itself in the beauty industry recently.  Powder Cleansers, or "Ubtan" is an Ancient Ayurvedic Ritual & goes back thousands of years, used in various empires & kingdoms all over the world!

Used in India by the Bride & Groom in a haldi ceremony to ensure that they shine through the wedding with glowing, fresh skin. Isn't this cute? A candid shot from Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas's Haldi ceremony before their wedding.
Used in China by Yang Guifei, one of the four beauties of the Tang Dynasty, who made it a trend to apply Ubtan made of lotus roots and ginger. The ritual became so popular that the women of the court of the Tang kingdom also started applying it.
Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt aka Queen of Beauty Innovation was also known to apply Ubtan made of Dead Sea mud two times in a week to keep her skin young and nourished.
Veda Glow revives a treasured ancient beauty ritual and will change the way you cleanse your skin.

Why is our Veda Glow Powder Cleanser so Incredible?

(1) A 3-in-1 Cleanser, Exfoliator & Toner

Cleanse, exfoliate & tone your skin in one go to get an instant golden glow

(2) Versatile

Your skin never stays the same! You will notice visible changes caused by hormones, diet, environment, hydration levels etc. etc. What makes Veda Glow the most versatile cleanser is that you have a good basic product which you can adapt to meet your skin's specific needs at any given time.

(3) Brilliant for Sensitive Skin

This may be hard to believe, but you do not need foaming suds to get your face clean. In fact, using soap to cleanse can do a lot more damage to your skin rather than good. Over a period of time, using sudsy soaps to cleanse will destroy your skin's protective acid mantle causing breakouts, pre-mature ageing, skin irritation and dryness! Yes.....we have all been fooled for the longest time!

(4) Absolutely Free of Harsh Chemicals

We only use the best stuff in our cleanser. You will only find nourishing ingredients, a mix of powders from different grains, herbs and flowers for the protection, nourishment & beautification of the skin. Unlike conventional harsh face cleansers that strip your skin of its natural oils & mess up the pH level of your skin, our blend of nourishing powders contain properties which are known to regenerate skin cells, prevent the occurrence of premature wrinkles and acne, tightens pores and removes scars to maintain a glowing luscious complexion.

(5) Gentle Daily Exfoliation

Every hour, we shed about 30,000 – 40,000 skin cells. So you can imagine, we shed millions of skin cells daily, leaving it all over our homes, bedding, clothing, and cars. Gross!
Daily gentle exfoliation helps to gently remove this layer of dead skin cells, helping to clear your pores without destroying the balance of your skin's oils. Daily gentle exfoliation helps to reduce and minimize wrinkles and fine lines, while the soap-free skin-nourishing herbal ingredients provide your face with a healthy dose of the vitamins and minerals. 
If you have already enjoyed the benefits of the Veda Glow Powder Cleanser, we would love to hear how you have been using it. What is your skincare ritual?

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