The Velveteen Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

  • What Is It
    A pre-shampoo hair mask specially designed to protect, repair and deeply nourish hair from deep within

    What It Does
    For Gloriously Healthy Hair, You Have To Go Back To The Roots!

    Imagine that your hair is like a flower garden! And that your roots & scalp are like the roots and flower bed. Without nourishing, moisturizing and taking care of your scalp, your hair (just like the flowers in that flower garden), will not flourish & realize its full potential.

    In comes The Velveteen Hair Strengthening Mask to rescue your roots!

    Rich with Sacred Ayurveda Herbs such as Amla and Hibiscus, this potent hair mask helps to repair, hydrate, de-frizz and gives it lush & lustrous volume. Infused with Bhringraj, also known as ‘food for hair’ in Ayurveda for its ability to strengthen weak hair, keeping follicles fit & healthy, improve hair growth and reduce hair fall

    Smells Like
    A warm, earthy, herbaceous scent with a hint of sweet citrus from Sweet Orange Essential Oil

    Product Texture
    Soft Grainy Powder

    Hair Feel
    Voluminous, Frizz-Free & Strong

  • Especially beneficial for

    • Weak Hair Follicles
    • Hair Fall
    • Dry & Damaged Hair
    • Frizzy Hair
    • Anyone who needs to improve the health of scalp and boost the strength of hair
  • (3) Benefits

    Strengthens Roots

    Adds Volume

    Reduces Hair Fall

    Stimulates Hair Growth

    Makes Hair Soft & Shiny

    Smoothens & Reduces Frizz. 

  • Step 1
    Prepare the Mask

    Mix a ratio of 1 -2 teaspoons full of The Velveteen Deep Conditioning Hair Mask to 2 tablespoons of Full Fat Yoghurt or Coconut Milk (according to length of hair) to form a yoghurt like consistency.

    Step 2
    Leave it to steep for 30 minutes or longer (overnight) to create an infusion. 

    Step 3
    Distribute the infusion evenly to well oiled scalp (30min before applying mask) or slightly damp or dry scalp/hair. For thinner hair, please apply sparingly. 

    Step 4
    Leave on for 30 to 40 minutes and rinse off thoroughly. The water should run clear, without any residue. Wash off with a sulphate-free Shampoo. Rinse well. For best results, use 1-2 times a week.

  • Indian Gooseberry, Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Curry Leaves, Fenugreek, Essential Oils of Sweet Orange and Rosemary.

    No silicones, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, fragrance

  • Build your weekly hair masking ritual with The Velveteen Hair Mask.

    This product can be found in our Ritual Kits:
    Hair Conditioning & Strengthening Ritual Collection

  • 30 Grams

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Carmen Indira
Truly velvet

My hair has become shiny and smooth like velvet. The ends of my hair used to be very dry while my scalp was oily. Now my ends are soft and my scalp more balanced with less oiliness

Hair Mask more like Hair Fix!

I had never tried a hair mask before, be it DIY or the drugstore ones. Followed the instructions and loved the results. First use and my hair had little to no frizz and looked fuller. It looked so polished and shiny that I want to use it everyday.

Good so far!

It’s a little soon for me to be able to see obvious changes, but I like the earthy smell, it is easy to make and apply. My hair does appear to be fuller, will keep using!

Lavanya Jeewa


Luxurious Feel

Velveteen lives up to its name: Hair is silky soft after every use of this deep conditioning hair mask paired with Emerald Elixir hair oil. Can’t help but constantly run my fingers through it. Reduces frizz and makes the hair heat product friendly! 💓 love LoVe LOVE this product!
Thank u #Potions