Perfume Making Workshop




Whether you're looking for a unique gift or just want to treat yourself, our Perfume Workshop is the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing.

 Our signature scent creation process is a relaxing, fun, and imaginative journey for you to embark on.  Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in our serene and imaginative creation room the perfect place to relax and get ready for the journey ahead—creating a perfume takes time, care, and plenty of inspiration.

Once you're all settled in and feeling inspired, you will begin to learn how to create your custom luxury Eau de Parfum with our very own Perfume Stylists Sharmila & Sharmini, who happen to be the founders of Potions!

*Please note that all options on the table are unisex, so classes are appropriate for men and women

What you'll take away from this workshop?

1. A brief introduction about perfumes, how they are made and show you how it's possible to craft your own perfume from scratch. (we promise to keep it short and sweet so you can start making your master pieces!)

2. How to create your own signature scent using different combinations of ingredients to suit your personality and what you want to achieve from your perfume, putting an emphasis on customisation

3. We will help you through every step of the process -from choosing which oils you want to use for each scent, mixing them together so that it smells like heaven on earth, bottling them up into luxury perfume bottles that are ready for gift-giving or personal use—and labelling them.

4. We keep your formula on file for future refills.

5. You will have the opportunity to choose from an extensive collection of over 31 high-quality essential oils and/or a selection of premium fragrance oils - everything from fruity, flowery, woody to every other aroma in-between, to help you create something truly unique.

6. Learn the differences between top, middle and base notes; understanding how they interact with each other for different scents.

7. Finally, you'll be taking home TWO scents you've created entirely by yourself!

(1) 10ml Eau de Parfum to wear for that special occasion; and

(2) 30ml Eau de Parfum signature scent to suit your day-to-day whims. 

At the end of this class, not only will you have created two unique scents that are distinctly yours but also learned an invaluable skill that will allow you to create more.

Workshop Details

- Workshops last approximately 2 - 3 hours

- Maximum of 10 pax per class

Workshop Schedule:

Dates:-Every Wednesdays to Sundays by appointment only. 
Classes will commence on the 12th of September 2023 onwards. 
For days other that the mentioned dates, please Whatsapp to make an appointment. 

Time:- 11am - 8pm

Location:- Petaling Jaya New Town

Please Whatsapp  Sharmila - 0193807845
to confirm workshop date and time.

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