POTIONS Brought To You By Sisterly Magic!

Potions, is an all-natural skin care brand inspired by ancient Ayurvedic beauty rituals.

Spearheaded by two sisters, they worked their sisterly magic and re-created potions derived from ancient beauty rituals crafted by their ancestors, a legacy of rich Indian culture passed down over generations.

Coming from a family prone to hypersensitive skin, the sisters quickly became very passionate about sensitive skin care. Becoming immensely frustrated by the myths the beauty industry feeds everyone about ‘chemical-free’ skincare and with the various off-the shelf products that only aggravated their skin, the sisters in a desperate pursuit to heal their skin, turned to what they had grown up with and rediscovered the healing wonders of Ayurveda. Their knowledge of ancient beauty rituals coupled with passion led them to the creation of Potions.

Potions formulations are strongly rooted in the Ayurvedic Principle, “If you can’t eat it, it doesn’t belong on your skin”! Ingestible ingredients are the cornerstone of Ayurvedic beauty. Potions stays away from all artificial, synthetic ingredients and harmful toxins that you find in most off-the-shelf products.

Instead, all products are made using the best quality oils and pure essential oils some of which come all the way from Egypt. Other ingredients which are purely vegan include herbs, roots, plants and fruits that are infused in oils, absorbing its therapeutic properties and provide the base to many of their products.

The Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils included in every product are very carefully formulated to solve a particular problem and also create a divine and luxurious experience. From cleansing and layering with oils, herbs and flowers, showering with exquisitely scented soaps, detoxing delicate skin with purifying clays, nourishing the hair and scalp with potent herbs, enveloping from top to toe with deliciously seductive oils, Potions goes beyond just skincare products, to a truly holistic lifestyle.

The core of the brand celebrates female empowerment, by inspiring women to be confident and embrace difference, diversity and their natural beauty!