Sharmini Joy Ramani

Co-Founder / Chief Potion Master


Sharmini Joy Ramani had been steadily climbing the ladder in the advertising industry for over ten years, when she was suddenly bitten by the entrepreneurship bug. Trading in the corporate life came naturally when she was inspired by the healing powers of beauty rituals that were handed down to her over generations. Sharmini is a creative hands-on person by nature, and her interests range far and wide. But at the centre of it all is pure natural skin care. She was determined to revive the ancient art & science of Ayurveda. 

"My childhood memories are filled with my sister and I using herbs and flowers from our garden to come up with our very own beauty concoctions.  I remember our dad using hibiscus and coconut oil to strengthen hair and our mother using herbs to cleanse, all beauty rituals that had been handed down to us as children. It was always a family affair. Drawing upon these family traditions, I was inspired to re-create these timeless ancient rituals for the modern consumer. I find it exciting to think that in our modern day world we are making our way back to the roots of our ancient beauty traditions"


Moonstruck Fudge Clay Cleanser & Mask for its texture, intoxicating scent and its incredible ability to cleanse, nourish and heal all at the same time.


Sharmila Anne Ramani

Co-Founder / Chief Potion Master


Sharmila Anne Ramani, spent eleven years practising law before she decided to take the leap from attorney to beauty boss and co-founder of Potions. The transition was seamless, and has undoubtedly been helped by her passion for skincare, formulating remedies at a young age and love for caring for her crazy mop of curls. 

"As a former acne sufferer, I tried just about every hyped up skincare product and routine in the market. Nothing seemed to work for me. But I distinctly remembered, that growing up, I would turn to natural raw ingredients such as turmeric, neem and saffron to heal my skin and that made all the difference! I had never seen my skin go without a breakout more than a month. But I could never find any off-the-shelf products that leveraged the efficacy of these natural ingredients. This inspired me to develop a skincare line using the ingredients that I had used growing up. Alongside my sister, Sharmini, we formulated potions that are safe, effective and honour the ancient beauty rituals that have stood the test of time."



Veda Glow Powder Cleanser & Mask for its versatility and efficacy. No matter the weather or environment it delivers results with a little creativity!