Aromatherapy has always been an integral aspect of Ayurvedic healing and wellness for centuries. Using essential oils that contain the vital essences of plants and flowers through application and treatments can have a direct impact in promoting a sense of balance in an individual.All of Potions skincare, hair care and body care products are scented using a sophisticated bouquet of essential oils to achieve young, healthy skin, lustrous healthy hair and promote a sense of wellbeing.

We are happy to make these exquisite essential oils available for purchase in retail sizes. These essential oils are sustainably & ethically sourced. The supply chain goes from Farmer - Distributor - Potions.All of Potions’ essential oils are 100% pure and free from any additives, adulterants or dilutions. They are of the absolute highest quality and are ideal for use in aromatherapy and topical use.

We hope you will enjoy discovering Potions selection of essential oils and its uses for relaxation, stimulation, massage, bathing, perfumery, cleaning, diffusion, meditation and first aid. The authentic aromas and physiologic effects of these essential oils make them a wonderful addition to a holistic and naturally focused lifestyle.