Mistress of Spice Radical Radiance Face Serum Concentrate


    A restorative and replenishing facial oil rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins to revitalize your skin and brighten the skin tone.

    Delicately scented with exquisite essential oils of Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Fennel & Sandalwood.

    This enriching serum protects your skin against the abuse of the elements and provides long lasting moisture for a healthy glow.

    Quickly absorbs and penetrates to awaken and replenish skin.

    Lightweight and silky smooth, it features a proprietary blend of natural oils.

    Just a couple of drops applied daily will visibly hydrate, revitalise and even skin tone whilst essential oils restore skin's suppleness

  • - Evens out skin tone
    - Improves the look of fine lines & wrinkles
    - Increases skin elasticity & radiance.
    - Protects your skin from premature ageing
    - Soothes the skin and helps scars and spots to heal faster.
    - Treats acne and blemishes
    - Unclogs pores
    - Removes dead skin cells
    - Leaves skin softer and smoother with a fresh glow.

  • Squalene, Papaya Seed Oil, Tea Seed Oil (Camellia Oleifera) & Sweet Almond Oil infused with Saffron and a spicy blend of Fennel, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Geranium Essential Oils

  • For best results, apply 2-3 drops morning and night to damp skin on your face and neck. Massage gently until absorbed. 

What our customers say!

You are absolutely right about smooth as a baby's bottom. The other day, my guy asked me why my skin felt soft like silk lately and my students recently said my skin looked like it had make up when i didn't have anything on! I was beaming ear to ear and it's all thanks to your Mistress of Spice serum which I've been using for only about a month now __ looking forward to visiting your store soon to get the Veda Glow set too! Thank you Potions!

why it works

Oils have been used in Ayurveda for 1000s of years for superior moisturization in ancient beauty rituals, and isn't just a myth!

Unlike your typical face creams & moisturisers that just sit on the surface of your skin, face oils have the ability to penetrate & carry vital nutrients deep under the skin's surface, where skin gets generated & actually forms what we see on the surface. 



Have you ever heard the phrase "smooth as a baby's bottom"? Squalene is what keeps babies' skin so smooth, soft & supple. Unfortunately, by the time we reach our 20s, it's all gone making our skin less smooth! And this is why a topical application is so important! Our 'Squalane' is derived from Olives, and helps skin become softer & more smooth because of its emollient properties. It promotes the formation of collagen for firmer, plumper skin and an instant skin glow!


Contains a significantly high content of Papain, a natural exfoliating enzyme that breaks down dead cells, dissolves excess sebum & unclogs pores. This provides a natural glow, brightens skin tone & softens texture of skin. Also fights pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and other infections of the pores.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Serum

Product is good... I've been buying over and over. Results are amazing!!


Mistress of Spice Radical Radiance Face Serum Concentrate

Great product

Not oily like other oil serum products I used. Fast absorption

Thanussha Tash
Miracle in a little bottle!

I was not sure to use oil based product on my oily skin but I was wrong. I only use it before bed and I can see the difference. My pores appears smaller than before. Used about 2 to 3 drops and it does wonders on my skin.

Jothy Sivasubramaniam

love it