Essential Oil Wood Diffuser

  • This is a natural eco-friendly wood diffuser that can be used to purify the air of any room. Crafted out of natural reclaimed woods, each piece is unique and distinctive.

    Simply drop a few drops of your favourite essential oils onto the wood and let it absorb the fragrance. The wood will naturally release your scent slowly over time.

    This diffuser is cordless and non-electric so it is maintenance-free. Great to use in small spaces, and close-range environments such as bedside, hotel room, yoga space, wardrobe, living room, working table, bathroom and car.

    This portable aromatherapy diffuser is the perfect size to fit in your purse or pocket for convenient use. Imagine smelling your favourite scent even when you're travelling, in the office or in the car. You can take it anywhere you go. Now how great is that?

  • Place as many drops of essential oils as you desire onto the indented area of the diffusing wood, let it saturate the wood, and enjoy the aroma as it will slowly fill the area. With a radius of 2-4 ft, it’s perfect for those with small spaces and close-range environments such as bedside, living room, bathroom, office space, working table.

  • The Wood Diffuser is an eco-friendly and portable essential oil diffuser designed to inspire the ritual of Ayurveda & Aromatherapy.

    Use it as a tool to balance each dosha & all moods.
    Immerse yourself in the wonders of aromatherapy everywhere you go. Cultivate even more happiness, balance & bliss in your day-to-day.

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  • Product Facts

    -(W)3cm x (H)5cm 

    -Aromatherapy Wood Diffuser

    -Made from Rosewood, Black Walnut or Cherry Wood

    -Saturates the Wood, locks in the aroma and diffuses the scent naturally over a period of time

    -Natural, Portable, Eco-Friendly, Energy Saving, Convenient, Wireless, Flame-Free

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