Long Live The Frizz.....NOT!

Have you ever ironed your hair on an ironing board with an iron?? Am I alone out there???? Ohhhhh the shame!

My hair has been a torment since as long as I can remember. Born with curly locks which were considered cute when I was toddler has been a curse throughout my teenage and adult life. No, I was never one to embrace my curls which came with a whole lot of frizz and judgment. For as long as I have had hair I have had frizz! 

I remember throughout school I would rush to the toilet to drench my hair with water to ease the frizz. I travelled with my hair iron everywhere. My obsession continued throughout my adult life where holidays were determined by whether or not there was a plug point for my hair iron and hairdryer. Camping and roughing it out was out of the question! No one was going to see me walking around looking like an electrocuted lion. NO ONE PERIOD! But even then I could never win! No matter how straight I had gotten my hair with my hair iron, the minute it rained or if there was the slightest hint of humidity, behold the electrocuted lion was back full force. 

 If you know what I am talking about, you have already resorted to straightening your hair. When hair straightening treatments first came out, we would spend an obscene amount of money to get unnaturally stick straight hair just to be rid of the frizz. But here is the irony of it all! The harder I tried to de-frizz, the frizzier it got! It's a vicious cycle, isn't it?  It would only be a few months before the roots would grow, and it would be a crazy sight to behold, curly, double frizzy top with stick straight bottom. After years of torturing my hair, with straightening, colouring, blowouts and harsh products, it started to fall and the frizz doubled! If you are wondering why the extra frizz, all those chemical treatments over the years eventually dry out your hair. The loss of moisture leads to frizz.

 So I finally gave in and embraced my curly frizzy hair. Well not quite completely, but I learnt how to work with what I was given! I would take my curly frizzy hair any day over chemically limp hair! And guess what, I started getting more compliments on my hair when it's curly rather than stick straight! Until of course it rained and there would be shocked gasps all around. Okay, I exaggerate a little, but my fellow curly, frizzy-haired girls totally get what I mean! Right?

 I still live in fear of rain & humidity! But here are my top 7 tips that have helped me manage my curls and frizz.  



Deep condition! Deep Condition! Deep Condition! I can't stress this enough. It's so important to deep condition at least once a week to keep your hair moisturised and supple and ready to resist frizz! Here are tricks that work for me. I alternate between the two, deep conditioning masks! It’s so simple to do at home and infuse frizzy hair with moisture and shine.


The Velveteen Mask

1 tablespoon Emerald Elixir

1 tablespoon Yoghurt/Coconut Milk

1 teaspoon of The Velveteen




Banana Mask

1 tablespoon Emerald Elixir

1 teaspoon Honey

1 mashed Banana


Leave it on for a full hour, using a shower cap to help the product penetrate. Make sure to wash it off thoroughly. Do not leave any residue!



Okay I know this sounds a little crazy, but hear me out on this. The chemicals you find in regular shampoo are way too harsh for curly hair and will strip your hair of the oils needed to keep it shiny and healthy. It also leads to product buildup which causes frizz as well. The Lime Sublime No Poo Shampoo works great for me on days I do not oil my hair. If a no foam shampoo isn't something you can fathom using, start your hunt for a low lathering shampoo that will cleanse & condition in one step without stripping hair's natural oils.



I use a clarifying scalp scrub once a month to remove any possible build up from products, oil and dead skin. Trust me it makes a whole lot of difference. Leaves your hair smooth, silky, shiny and less frizzy! This scalp scrub is in the pipeline as a Potions new product release this year.


Meanwhile, here is what you can do. If you are in possession of our Pretty In Pink Body Scrub, just a little tweaking and you can use it as a scalp scrub. Add a wee bit of the Emerald Elixir, a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil and some honey to it. Apply the scalp scrub to wet hair. Using your fingertips (avoiding your fingernails) gently massage the scrub into to your scalp in a circular motion. Leave it on for a few minutes, rinse and clean with shampoo like normal.



Ditch your towel. It can be too rough on your curls and raise the cuticle surface, which in turn leads to your strands swelling and voila frizz! I use a t-shirt to blot the excess water which is much gentler on the hair & reduces frizz



If you absolutely need to comb your hair, finger comb with wet fingers. It can help tame frizz and de-tangle. I used to do this in the school bathroom out of desperation! It helped!



 We once had a customer who told us that her hair stylist told her never to use oils and compared it to cooking an egg! Hogwash!! We told her to look for a new hair stylist.


Oils attack frizz! The fatty acids will add a protective layer between your hair and the humidity, preventing it from puffing up into frizz.


I use the Emerald Elixir weekly as a pre-cleanse treatment and multiple oil-based serums religiously daily, on damp & dry hair too!  Stay tuned for our new product release. We are so excited about introducing some really gorgeous oils like Marula, Macadamia, Amla etc which does wonders for dry and damaged hair! Can’t wait to have you try these hair serums!


I keep these oils handy and carry a little bottle with me at all times, especially when I’m on the go. It works great at taming frizz and annoying flyaways when you’re on the run! All you need is to rub a few drops between your hands, and then gently run your fingers or scrunch it through your hair.


If you are using the Emerald Elixir as a pre-wash treatment, massage it onto your scalp and all over your hair. Wrap it in a warm towel or shower cap. Then simply wash it off with shampoo an hour later or leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. It does wonders, leaving hair soft shiny and manageable! 



Look for a stylist that understands curly frizzy hair. They are hard to come by. Long layers are a curly-haired-girl’s best friend!  It will give your hair dimension, liven it up, and allow your curls to be bouncy and move freely.

I truly hope these tips and tricks that I use helps you find ways to help control frizz. Remember to be patient! Sometimes using new treatments and oils will take several applications to show a real difference.

Happy de-frizzing! 

Start de-frizzing with the products below. 

Emerald Elixir

Lime Sublime Shampoo

The Velveteen

The complete hair kit Ritual

Hair Growth Booster

Peppermint Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil



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