Darkened Lips Corrector - Lady Marmalade Lip Scrub

  • What It Is?

    A blend of gentle exfoliants and orange peel, this lip scrub is specifically formulated for pigmented, discoloured, dark and dull lips.

    The all-natural exfoliants will slough off that top layer of skin often left dry from the sun, exposing new soft lips that allow for better penetration of lip balms and makes your favourite lipsticks go on smoother and last longer. Moisturising oils of Sweet Almond and Coconut in this scrub provides complete lip treatment to fight dry and chapped lips.

    Potions Pro Tip: After using Lady Marmalade Lip Scrub, apply any of our Lip Balms to lock in moisture!


    What It Does
    Your lips (just like your face) has a protective lipid layer that retains a balance of moisture. When your lips get dry & chapped, the lipid layer becomes unbalanced, causing lips to flake, peel, discolouration and premature ageing.

    A lip scrub is a key element to removing chapped, dead skin and helping your lip balm penetrate and rebalance that lipid layer. Moisturise efficiently after a lip scrub.

    Smells Like
    Sweet and Citrusy Like Marmalade

    Product Texture
    Soft gentle crystals

    Lips Feel
    Keeps lips full, healthy, and hydrated
    Softer, Smoother, Less Flaky and Lighter  


    Do Not Skip Lip Balm - Using a lip balm becomes all the more essential when you have exfoliated your lips. It will seal the moisture from the oils in the lip scrub in place and will also protect the lips from the harsh sun rays. Apply a generous layer of lip balm right after you have scrubbed your lips to soothe and hydrate them. If you want to apply lipstick then you can blot the balm with a tissue after 10-15 minutes of application.

  • Anyone who has dry and peeling/flaking lips from the cold or prolonged sun exposure

    Anyone that has pigmented, discoloured, dark and dull lips.

    Do not use on your lips if you have any open cuts, or if they're sunburned or raw.

  • Benefits

    - Lightens, brightens and repairs dark, damaged,pigmented lips

    - Removes chapped, dead skin 


  • Step 1

    Scoop out a pea-sized amount with a clean dry spoon or your clean dry finger 

    Step 2

    Scrub very gently on wet lips in a circular motion. Leave it on for a few minutes if you wish

    Step 3

    Rinse off and pat dry.

    Step 4

    Now that you have buffed and polished your lips, infuse moisture into your lips by applying lip balm for soft and supple lips.

    Important To Note
    Since our lip scrubs are completely free from preservatives, they should be used within 6 months of opening. Please use a dry spoon or clean hands to dispense the product to avoid contamination Do not get water into the product. Close lid every after use. Store in a cool dry place.

  • Sucrose,Orange Peel,Colloidal Oatmeal,Virgin Coconut Oil,Sweet Almond Oil, Raw Honey, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil

    No microbeads, fragrance, parabens, sulfates

  • Build your weekly lip exfoliation ritual with our Lady Marmalade Lip Scrub.

    Start your weekly exfoliation ritual by adding lip exfoliation as a step to your regular skincare routine. Helps to remove dead skin and keep your lips soft, supple and healthy.

    Don't forget to apply one of our Lip Balms, after using the Lady Marmalade Lip Scrub, to lock in moisture!


  • 30 Grams

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lady marmalade lip scrub

This is honestly a life saver. I had a terrible rash on my lips which then made it turn dark. My lips kept on itching and burning everytime I wore lipsticks. I found the lady marmalade lip scrub online and decided to give it a try. Within 3 weeks there’s a lot of improvement and it my lips is getting shinier everyday 😍

Shaleniprieya Muniandy

My lips pigmentation has reduced after about 3-4 times usage. Very satisfied with the purchase. The scrub is very gentle to apply and it will melt on lips with water. Nice fragrance with a lot of useful ingredients that can help reduce pigmentation.

Hamni Ismail

It was affordable and such a good scrub to wear

Blair River
It smells nice and it's good!

I have been using this lip scrub ever since I got my parcel and I love how gentle it is on my lips and the effects are very satisfying. I like the fact that it does not contain any crazy/toxic ingredients.

Vithya Bhaskar
Best Lip Scrub!!

I am been using this product for past 14 days, good improvement on dark lips. Its smells good too. Thank you for this natural product