Skin Whitening Vs. Skin Brightening

The best ways to brighten your complexion and enhance radiance, while avoiding harsh bleaching agents.

Let's face it, the old days of marketers drilling into our brains that fairer skin is 100% better is over! And thank goodness it is! We have always hated the word whitening, and people should learn that healthy skin and a good personality trumps bleaching your skin, and we should all stop feeling bad about our skin tones and start feeling good in our skin!  

And if you are up to date on the latest skincare controversies, you'd know that "skin whitening" products have come under fire in recent years. Skin Whitening has come to be associated with unsafe facial practices and alarming chemicals that have caused severe damage to the skin with prolonged use. But what about "Skin Brightening" products?

While these terms have been used interchangeably, there’s a significant difference between the two treatments, and ultimately, it’s important to distinguish between them to make safe and informed purchases. 

And so here goes - we are here to shed light on some of the nasty chemicals lurking in "skin whitening" products and to help you avoid these products with dangerous side effects – and teach you to opt for the skin-loving stuff, instead! 


What Is Skin Whitening?

Also known as skin bleaching, skin whitening is usually associated with aggressive cosmetic procedures and products to bleach and whiten the skin, to achieve a skin tone lighter than the one you were born with. These skin whitening products typically use chemicals like mercury and hydroquinone to block melanin production, and bleach existing melanin to a lighter tone.

Did you know that melanin exists in your skin to protect it from UV exposure, and stripping your skin of its melanin can make your dermis more sensitive and prone to cellular damage from the elements?

Such ingredients that may be lurking in your skin whitening creams have also been linked to poisoning, skin and kidney damage, and liver malfunction with prolonged use. 

Over time, skin whitening products can also result in thinning of skin, increased risk of skin cancer, and ironically can cause permanent skin discolouration. 

Many skincare brands have come into question for using mercury in their ' whitening' product, this is a poisonous ingredient and is indeed banned in Malaysia, and for good reason too! A simple google search will tell you how toxic mercury is. 

Before you dip your finger into the jar of whitening cream, please do read the ingredients list and look out for these red flags. 

What Is Skin Brightening?

Skin Brightening on the other hand is an entirely different concept! 

It focuses on banishing dullness, reducing hyperpigmentation, and removing dry, flaky skin, which can make you look tired, with uneven tones and appear darker than your actual skin tone. 

Brightening products are specifically targeted to heal specific areas of discolouration that have occurred due to damage, like post-acne marks, scarring, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, etc. Thankfully brightening your skin doesn't have to involve questionable ingredients! These products are formulated with ingredients that are more gentle and nourishing to the skin. Ingredients that are meant to restore brightness, radiance and vitality to your skin, healing your skin and bringing it back to its original healthy complexion before it was damaged. 


Natural, Brightening Skin Alternatives

Our skin is continuously creating new skin cells to replace older skin cells, and often, these dead skin cells remain on the skin’s surface and can cause it to appear dull. Exfoliation is a cornerstone for a good skin-brightening routine. Exfoliation removes these dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, thereby revitalising it and making it look more radiant and “brighter”.

A natural way of brightening skin is achieved with ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), vitamins A, E and C that help the skin to naturally shed dead skin cells. 

Potions brightening products rely on plant-based ingredients that are full of Vitamin C enzymes, and antioxidants that work to restore cell regeneration. Our approach to beauty is to preserve the beautiful skin we are born with by using safe plant-based ingredients, rather than expose you to harsh chemicals that can also do a number on self-esteem by giving the impression that only fair skin is acceptable or beautiful.


Check out our range of plant-based Brightening Products featuring ingredients like citrus juices and peels that are vitamin C packed, turmeric, papaya seed and pomegranate oils, all of which aid in brightening skin and cell turnover, leaving you with a healthy glowing complexion—regardless of your skin tone, age, or gender.




The Veda Glow Face Cleansing Powder unlike conventional harsh face cleansers

that strip your skin of its natural oils & mess up the pH level of your skin, our blend of nourishing powders contain properties which are known to regenerate skin cells, prevent the occurrence of premature wrinkles and acne, tightens pores and removes scars to maintain a glowing luscious complexion.



The Mistress of spice is not one to be missed in our brightening range, not only  does it smell heavenly, but it also has mad benefits from some great ingredients that will bring the GLOW!

From Squalene to Papaya seed oil, which contains a significantly high content of Papain, a natural exfoliating enzyme that breaks down dead cells, dissolves excess sebum & unclogs pores.

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