Can anyone become an affiliate? 

YES! Anyone with a computer, the internet and a network of people can promote our products and get paid! It would be great if you have used our products and believe in it!

We screen applicants for the purpose of protecting our brand image, and ask everyone to respect the nature of our brand. Please fill in all details that are required*. 

*This includes a valid Phone Number, Email & Social Media Accounts (not private).

Will it cost me anything to sign up as an Affiliate?

It is completely FREE

How do I get paid?

You will be paid via Maybank2u bank transfer. Payments are made in MYR, and are paid once a month, always on 15th. We will inform you should there be any delays due to unforeseen circumstances.  You can also chose to get paid in Potions Gift Cards instead.

What is my commission rate?

Your commission rate will be 15% for each sale made

Are there any products that don't qualify for a commission?

Commissions don't include postage, sample sized products or discounted products. You may refer to our website for updated on current promotions etc. 

How will my sales be tracked and credited to my site?

Once you sign up, you will get a custom link to our Website that you can simply share with your social media followers, family, friends and acquaintances to start earning  when they order from our website. Easy!

This link is very important, as it is the only way to track a sale made through your efforts. When you post your link in a YouTube video, blog post, Facebook or Instagram bio, etc., anyone who clicks on it will be re-directed to our website.

Each time you direct a visitor to our website and they make a purchase within 90 days of their visit, you earn up to 15% commission on that order. 

To remain active as a Potions Ambassador, you must achieve your RM100 payout goals within (consecutive) 3 months. Accounts that remain inactive will be terminated. This is because our program does not require a subscription fee to maintain this automated system. If you are terminated and the amount remaining in your payout is less than RM50, the amount will NOT be transferrable.

* Terms and conditions apply

What tips and tricks do you have to successfully promote your products?

(a)  Be authentic

People want to see your honest review of the product

(b)  Be clear

Make your adverts crystal clear. Use bold fonts and bright colours

(c)   Be creative

Order a product that you want to sell and take pictures or videos with it in creative ways!

(d)  Be appropriate

Use each platform the way they are supposed to be used. Have glamorous images on Instagram and longer posts for Facebook or Blogs

(e)   Be persistent

Don’t spam people, but be sure to update your posts daily. Not everyone checks in with you every day, and you don’t want people to miss your post

Is there any cap on the number of referrals I can generate?

No! Your earning potential is unlimited. 

Are there any market places or websites that I am not allowed to promote on?

Yes. Our brand is family friendly and this we ask that you keep our products away from any site that is illegal, discriminating, defamatory, pornographic or that in any way would degrade our brand or our products. For full details of prohibitive activities please refer to our Affiliate Agreement.

 What are the most common platforms that Affiliates promote products on?

-       Facebook

-       Instagram

-       Twitter

-       Blogger

-       Youtube

-       Personal websites/blogs

-       So much more!

 Do you have any training program for affiliates?

While we are unable to conduct training sessions at this point of time(MCO) , we have a website that provides information on each product. Should you need an immediate reply to close a sale, you may contact Sharmila 0193807845 or Sharmini 0122291409 for more information on the product. 

 Can I take orders directly from my site?

No. Our frequent product updates, promotional price changes and in-stock availability verification are all part of our integrated shopping environment. In order to ensure product availability tracking, reporting and superior customer service, we must host the transaction. We take care of the order, customer service and fulfilment so you can focus on your website and traffic development

 Do you have online reporting?

Yes. Once you have been accepted into the program, you will be given access to your Affiliate Partner Tracking and Reporting Interface. You will be able to view your earnings and traffic reports at any time. These reports not only show you what you earn, they also track other site performance indicators that will assist you in fine-tuning your participation and maximising your income potential.

Do I earn commissions on my own purchases?

No, however, Affiliates can choose to be paid their commission in cash or Potions gift cards when you sign up. 

What happens to my Commission on product returns?

We do not accept any product returns due to the nature of our products. If the products shipped are damaged, we will ship replacement goods to the customer. Your commissions will not be affected.


1. Read the Affiliate Agreement HERE

2.Apply to become an Affiliate/Brand Ambassador HERE

3. Once we approve your application, you will then receive your very own referral link

4. Embed this referral link across all of your social media channels, website and email list and start sharing Potions products with your readers and followers

5. Every sale made through your referral link earns you 15% commission of the total sale. You will be sent monthly payments through your bank account once the balance is RM100 or above. 


(1) It's free to join

(2) You'll make money

(3) It adds value to your site and encourages repeat visitors

(4) You do not need to keep stock of the products

(5) Potions will handle all the order fulfilment and customer service