Kansa Wand Scalp Massage Ritual Collection

  • The Kansa Wand Scalp Massage Ritual Contains:-

    • Kansa Wand
    • Emerald Elixir Hair & Scalp Nourishing Treatment

    What is a Kansa Wand?

    The Kansa Wand is an ancient facial and scalp massage tool. It is the greatest secret kept in the world of beauty, used for over 5000 years by ayurvedic practitioners, and predates jade tools. 

    The Kansa Wand is forged from the ultra-superior metal Kansa and welded into a beautiful solid teak wood handle.  Kansa is an alloy of Copper 78% and Tin 22%, heated together to form Pure Bronze. 

    The Kansa Wand is derived primarily from copper, a metal revered in Ayurveda for its antimicrobial and detox properties. It promotes lymphatic drainage and removes built-up toxins. This metal is known to be used to drink and eat meals with many health benefits.

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  • Benefits of using the Kansa Wand on your Scalp

    • What are some of the benefits of a Kansa Wand Scalp Massage?
    • Reduces hair fall by stimulating marma points
    • Improves the overall health of hair
    • Ensures better absorption of nutrients in the scalp
    • Promotes hair growth
    • Improves blood circulation & detoxifies the scalp
    • Relaxes the mind

  • How to Use a Kansa Wand

    (1) For proper massage techniques, Download the How to Use instructional Manual here.

    (2) Either massage on dry scalp, or even better, enhance the benefits of a kansa wand scalp massage by prepping your scalp with the Emerald Elixir Hair Oil, and give yourself a little scalp spa. That's how we do it, and we are loving the effects!

    How to Clean your Kansa Wand

    Clean the Kansa Wand by dipping the metal head in gentle soapy water (do not dip the wooden handle). Store clean wand in the container to keep it away from dust & dirt.

  • 100% Pure Kansa & Teak Wood

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