I'm going to love you inside out!

In this day and age, it's pretty difficult to say you can't take care of your body. 
No longer are we in the dark about Multinational Conglomerates making oodles of money by conning us with the idea of a better lifestyle, while all the time killing us softly with the use of dangerous chemicals, cheap fillers and other horrific ingredients, which I will not get into in this article. 
While it's important to take care of our skin with the many available products out there, it is equally important for us to take care of our insides! Because a healthy inside can also change the condition of your skin dramatically, the LARGEST ORGAN we own.
Here are a few simple things you can start with!
(1) Drink plenty of water!
Remember the time our parents used to nag us about drinking water? They were right! Its time to start hydrating! 
70% of your body consists of water. It regulates our body temperature, it helps moisten and keep all our cells and tissue hydrated. It removes toxic waste from your body, especially when you are eating JUNK...yes..you..you know who you are! Put down that bag of chips and reach out for a glass of water instead. You wouldn't want to end up like beef jerky right? 
Water also helps with all your other organs that are vital in keeping your body healthy like a well-oiled engine, and most importantly, you'll start to notice that your skin improves every day when you start to hydrate the right way. 
If you're the type to chug coffee or alcohol, just add on another 500ml of water for every cup you consume!
(2) Eat Healthily
Yes, yes. We all have that Nasi Lemak, Fried Kuay Teow, and Briyani cravings! And the list never ends. I mean how on earth do we give up Banana Leaf Rice Sundays??
Remember in kindergarten when our teacher brought us that food pyramid chart? The one with the fruits, vegetables, bread, rice, etc. Well, take a good look at it again for crying out loud! 
Once you start eating the right portions and the correct number of nutrients daily, instead of living on Instant Noodles all week, you'll see changes you never thought were possible. Trust us on this. We have seen these changes in ourselves and the people around us in an extremely short period of time. 
Simply cut out/down on unhealthy processed food, junk food, sugary drinks and desserts and gradually replace them with fruits, vegetables, proteins and other nutrients that are missing from your diet. 
It isn't even that expensive, just prep for 5 days and bring it to work! Saves you money for a vacation, and you'll have a rocking body to boot. 
(3) Exercise!
Exercise is something you really love or really hate! Trust me, I've hated it from primary school until a few months ago. Never really like the idea of sweating or running, so I've managed to put it off for years. But something changed for the better, and all I can think about is how to get healthy so I can live till I'm 100 years old!
Take just one day out of your time, drive over to a park, and WALK! Use a pedometer to see how many steps you've taken for motivation. Because 10,000 steps aren't as hard as you'd think it is. Once you've done that, you're on the right track. Add on some cardio or find something you really like and get with the program! 

Well, there you have it. Don't change drastically as this has oftentimes failed, even for the strongest and most disciplined of persons. Somehow the Nasi Lemak always wins! Try these 3 simple things gradually, and you'll see a real difference in your life! Don't forget to take care of your outside as well!! 


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