What to Expect With Natural Ayurvedic Skincare

We sometimes receive questions from customers that note slight changes in the colour or scent of our products. We want this blog post to serve as a gentle reminder that while some natural products might vary in their appearance and scent, they are the exact same product inside!

Natural products are wonderful. But if you’re used to conventional beauty products, you might not know what to expect when you use them for the first time. So here’s your guide on what to expect with natural Ayurvedic skincare and how to enjoy these natural beauty products.

"Why are my Potions a different colour or smell from my previous purchase?"

If you’ve never tried our products before, you might not be used to some of the textures, scents, or even occasional variances in colour. Natural skin care products might not look, smell, or even feel like the conventional skin care products you’re used to. And that’s not a bad thing! 

Ayurvedic products think outside the bottle. They support your body’s natural processes without unnecessary chemical additives or harsh preservatives. 

Natural skincare products are made of real, natural ingredients. These ingredients are harvested from the earth, organically grown with no additives or preservatives. This means that there can be variances in color, texture, and scent even within the same product!




Next time you open up your new Emerald Elixir Hair Oil only to find it a few shades darker or lighter than your last bottle was, don’t be alarmed. Here's why!

Let's take curry leaves in your Emerald Elixir for instance. Not all curry leaves are created equal. Due to different climatic conditions, nutrient content of soil, water availability etc each batch will have a slightly different colour and/or aroma. They naturally vary in colour and if the colour of curry leaves vary, then naturally the colour of different batches of the Emerald Elixir hair oil will vary. 

And that’s just the nature of natural skincare! No synthetic adjustments are made, so what you get is the very essence of the plant itself. 

Congratulations! You’ve chosen a formula based around something that occurs in nature, which means that its colour and aroma can’t (and shouldn’t be!) regulated or controlled. 



Ever picked up your bottle of conventional shampoo, lotions etc and seen the word "Fragrance" listed as an ingredient? If you haven't done so, we urge that you read the list of ingredients. 

The scariest part about “fragrance” is its ability to hide behind the vague description of the word. Fragrances can contain several ingredients, but because of a loophole in the FDA’s regulatory policies, U.S. companies are not required to disclose what each of these ingredients are or what quantities they contain. In reality, the word “fragrance” could be camouflaging any number of chemicals or additives, including phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde releasers and more.

While you may not exactly want to be slathering these types of ingredients on your skin, "fragrances” do allow your conventional products to smell great consistently. 

In comparison, Ayurvedic Natural Skincare is not formulated with any such artificially scented "fragrances". What you will get from Potions products is an earthier scent or products pleasantly scented with essential oils. However, we always formulate with the beneficial properties of essential oils in mind, rather than for its scent alone



Ever used your conventional creams, scrubs and lotions and noticed these products are consistently smooth and have attractive textures? Most often, these products are formulated with ingredients that contribute only to their texture in mind, rather than offering additional skin benefits.

Big beauty brands allocate a large amount of the formulation cost to sensory enhancers. Ingredients that alter the feel on application are often modified silicone polymers that can create an almost three-dimensional sensation on the skin. These types of ingredients however are not suited for use in natural skincare.

When formulating natural skincare, oils and butters dictate the feel of the final product. This can lead to formulations having a heavier and more occlusive feel on application. Unlike synthetic occlusives, the natural oils and butters absorb quickly, leaving the skin feeling nourished.

These small differences in colour, texture and aroma actually serve as your proof of purchase. It is verifiable evidence that you’ve purchased a natural, organic product and not a bottle full of fillers or chemicals.

That’s the point! We break all the rules with our formulations, shaking up habits long-held by beauties everywhere. It’s about time you tried something new, something natural, something that really works. Put down your synthetic cleanser or lotion, close your eyes, and breathe deep. The real deal awaits.

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